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Innovative products

Receive water meter compliance solutions that are customised to your property's specific needs.

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Remote monitoring

Staying on top of your water compliance has never been easier. Check-in at any time and from anywhere. Water compliance is critical for a wide range of markets from farmers and horticulturalists, through to industry- we use water everywhere, and our monitoring tools and services support you no matter your market or your size.

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Dedicated support team

Gain insights from our passionate team, who have extensive knowledge of New Zealand water compliance monitoring from the in-field devices through to council requirements.

About watercheck

We deliver solutions that help you stay compliant with New Zealand's water requirements. Our mission is to help clients ensure they are meeting all their water consent requirements. We understand that compliance monitoring can be a complex and time-consuming task, which is why we offer our clients an easy and reliable solution. Our telemetry systems provide monitoring of flow rates, soil moisture levels, water quality and other important data, allowing clients to stay informed and make informed decisions about their water usage. 

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Industry-leading team 

With over two decades of experience in telemetry data in the water industry, our expert team are leaders in water meter compliance. We're passionate about helping Kiwis make better use of their resources, and our extensive knowledge of New Zealand’s farming landscape ensures we deliver the right solution for your property.

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