Our Solutions

As a New Zealand owned and operated company we have been offering the leading full-service water compliance solution for many years, almost decades, and our solutions continue to evolve to support the water user. Put your faith in professionals to deliver solutions and support with soil moisture, flow meters, stream flows or well-level monitoring tools.

Water Meter Compliance

Our modern automated compliance reporting system keeps your water requirements on track, allowing you to relax in the knowledge that you'll be provided with a timely report if you exceed consent conditions.

Soil Moisture Measurement

Are you missing the mark when it comes to leveraging the 'sweet spot' of your soil? Our range of soil moisture monitoring systems provide insights into the right time to irrigate, allowing you to optimise your crops or land. With the right system, water wastage, stressed crops and loss of nutrients could be a thing of the past for your property.

Stream and Open Channel Flow Systems

Our expert team can navigate the right system for your personal open channel needs, be it for meeting consent requirements or simply to help your farm thrive. This includes automatic systems that measure the stream's flow or height, allowing for the optimal stage to discharge relationship calibration.

Make the most of your data with:


Tech v5

An easy-to-use dashboard

Tech v4

Personalised graphs of key info

Tech v3

Mobile alerts for trigger levels

Tech v2

Our in-house support team